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Five Tips on Writing Your Online Bett Profile

If you’re exhibiting at Bett in January, one way to drive people to your stand is to write a clear and benefits focussed online profile on the Bett Show website. 

Profile Writing Service
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1. What to write in 100 words
Most importantly, you need to make it clear what you do and how it benefits schools. Talking about how long you’ve been in the market or how excited you are to be at Bett is of little interest to the reader unless they can see how it will benefit them. Check out what your competitors are writing to see what they are doing well, or not.

2. It’s all about the search
Unless people know who you are, they will not search for you by name and don’t forget the large international contingent at Bett. Write your profile so it can be found. The Bett Show search engine only searches profiles by individual words so think about the words people will use to search for products like yours. This includes words overseas visitors might search for. Run a search for products like yours to see what comes up.

3. The first 25 words are the most important
Search results show the first 25 words of your 100 word profile so it’s important you make the most of these and they make sense by themselves. Writing an introduction such as how delighted you are to be at Bett is a waste of these 25 words and will not encourage people to click through to your full profile and ultimately, visit your stand.

4. Make the most of the super banner
The banner at the top of the page needs thought too. It is big enough to include text and, if it’s clear what it does, images of the software. Don’t waste it by using random images of happy teachers or students. Remember, it needs to support your message of how what you offer supports schools.

5. Take advantage of everything you can upload
The show website gives you lots of opportunities to add information about your products or services and it’s important to make the most of these as they can be picked up by journalists as well as prospects. If you don’t have any press releases, don’t be afraid to write a couple. These can be announcements about new products, features or compelling case studies. Look at what the big companies are adding and follow their lead – if it’s any good. Don’t forget to add contact details to everything you upload.