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Five Free and Easy Ways to Improve your Site’s SEO

Being found online is crucial but if you don’t think about search engine optimisation and the key words your target market is using, search engines can’t categorise you or rank your site.

1. Know what people are searching for
You can do this by asking people – who may see your business differently and search using different words, trying different searches to see where your competitors rank and using tools like Google’s Keyword Planner in Google AdWords. The planner provides a list of words and phrases related to your keyword ideas and their popularity in searches.

2. Include key words into your content marketing
Once you know what your key words are, include them in your website content, blogs and social media posts and your website meta-descriptions. See how your competitors rank and identify what content activities the ones that rank on the first page are doing and do yours better.

3. Build the number of websites that link to yours
The more external sites linking to your website, the better you will rank. This can include partnerships and associations that you work with, social media accounts, customer websites as well as other sites sharing your content.

4. Regularly add high-quality engaging content
The more you update your website, with high-quality blogs and news items for example, the higher it will rank. Content needs to be written to engage your audience however and not just to rank highly, you want them to click through and read it on your site remember. The more engaging the content, the more people will share it, further improving your ranking.

5. Build trust with search engines
Adding high-quality and regularly updated content with links that work helps build trust with search engines as does being patient if your website is new. Creating a Google+ page builds trust with Google and don’t forget to include your key words.

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